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Michael has been at the forefront of many major consulting projects around the world, helping businesses to expand their operations in international markets, while minimizing the risks associated with such an expansion.

If your business is hoping to achieve any of the following, you should speak today with Michael to learn about how he can help your business:

  • If you are seeking to expand your business into new international markets, Michael can guide you through the process that begins with identifying your goals in international markets and then assesses the true opportunities and risks that await your business in these markets.

  • If you already have an International presence, Michael can provide you with a neutral third-party view of your performance in these markets and how you can improve your profitability internationally, while minimizing the risks facing your business outside of your home market.

  • If you are finding it difficult to identify growth markets, Michael's wealth of experience in measuring and assessing the opportunities for growth in international markets can be an invaluable asset for your business as it seeks to expand its operations and increase its profits.

Regular Clients of Michael


Michael has worked on a series of consulting projects with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to determine their growth potential in more than 90 international markets.


Michael has worked together with Coca-Cola to determine the key environmental issues facing their business around the world, and how they can improve their envrionmental footprint globally.


Michael has worked with Sony with a series of consulting projects that were focused on increasing that firms presence and profitability in more than 20 markets across the Asia-Pacific region.


Michael has provided McDonald's with a series of research and consulting projects designed to identify the key Macro Factors impacting its business in international markets.


Positive Outcomes

Michael's consulting work is designed to support his clients' business and improve their financial performance and long-term sustainability.  In fact, thanks to his expertise in working in, and assessing the potential of, international markets, Michael has been able to assist many of the world's most successful businesses in expanding and improving their activities in international markets.

Positive Outcomes from Michael's Consulting Support:

  • Increased Profitability in International Markets

  • The Ability to Focus on Growth Markets

  • A Reduction in a Business' Dependence Upon a Single Market

  • The Ability to Generate Longer-Term and More Sustainable Growth

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