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Michael Weidokal is now available to teach online courses in the fields of international economics, geopolitics and international market strategy. With his extensive background in working with many of the world’s leading multinationals, governments and research institutions, Mr. Weidokal brings 25 years of experience to the classroom. His goal is to help students understand the factors that drive economic and market growth, and impact global risk levels, so that they can be prepared for careers in international business, economic policy-making and global affairs.


As the author of more than 250 publications from ISA (International Strategic Analysis), one of the world’s leading economic forecasting and international strategic advisory firms, Mr. Weidokal’s extensive knowledge of international economics, global markets and geopolitics is utilized by clients in more than 100 countries around the world. Through his online courses, Mr. Weidokal can bring this expertise to his students in manner that is both interesting and informative. His classes include a mix of lectures, team projects, case analysis and situational planning designed to allow students to utilize the skills that they will develop over the course of the lecture series.



This course is about the intersection of economics and international relations and how these two subjects are deeply connected. Why are some countries able to generate higher levels of economic growth than others? How does the health of the country’s economy impact its relations with other countries? What are the factors that will determine the health of the global economy in the coming years? What are the economic, political, environmental and demographic flashpoints that will impact the international economy and global security in the years and decades ahead? These questions and more will be analyzed in depth during this course, allowing its participants to gain a stronger understanding of the forces that are driving change in our world today.


This course is aimed at individuals who desire a career in an international field.  For those on a political science or international studies track, this course will not only broaden their knowledge in those fields, but will enhance their understanding of the role played by economics in steering international affairs and domestic politics. For those on a business or economics track, this course will provide them with the ability to understand the underlying issues connected with doing business internationally, and the role that politics and security play in international business and economics.


This course is about one of the most important aspects of doing business in the 21st century, the ability of a business to choose the right international markets for its future growth. Through this course, participants will learn how to decide which factors are important for individual businesses when they are considering international markets for investment and expansion. Furthermore, they will learn how to conduct research on international markets and how to filter that information into something that is beneficial to their businesses. This course will analyze the issues that are important in selecting international markets as locations for generating revenue growth as well as for establishing manufacturing operations or office locations. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about the issues and trends that are impacting international markets around the world, both today and in the future.


This course is aimed at individuals who are seeking a career in international business. Not only will this course enhance its participants ability to analyze markets more thoroughly and accurately, but it will improve their understanding of the issues and trends that will impact international business for decades to come. Furthermore, this course will improve its participants’ career prospects, as international markets will continue to drive a increasing share of the growth generated by businesses, making one’s understanding of international markets a vital selling point in today’s job market.

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