The workshop format allows Michael to speak directly with your organization at the location of your choice, covering the issues and trends in international markets that are directly impacting your organization's performance in these markets.


Through a workshop with Michael, your team will learn how to identify growth markets, both over the near-term and the long-term, while finding out how to spot the key risks to your business in these markets.  Not only will Michael present the latest and most-insightful analysis of your overseas markets, but the interactive format of these workshops will allow your team to discuss with him your businesses goals and needs in these markets.  Is your team ready to maximize its performance in international markets?

Promote Growth

Learn how to maximize your businesses growth in  international markets.

Avoid Risk

Identify the key risks facing your business in, and from, overseas markets.

Identify Trends

Assess economic, political, technological and demographic trends.

Realize Potential

Determine the actual market potential for your business on a global basis.


Workshop Options

Michael's workshops are designed to be flexible, allowing his clients to maximize their time with him and to enable as many of his client's associates to benefit from his wealth of knowledge in the fields of international markets, economics and international risk management.  While there are three standard workshop options, other arrangements can be made based on the needs of Michael's clients.

The Three Standard Workshop Options

  • The Two-Hour Workshop

  • The Half-Day Workshop

  • The Full-Day Workshop

To learn more about Michael's workshops, or to ask him to conduct a workshop for your organization, contact him via the form below.

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