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Keynote Speaker, Author and Founder and Executive Director of ISA (International Strategic Analysis)

Michael Weidokal has made a career out of helping businesses, governments and other organizations to understand the complexities of operating in international markets.  His deep understanding of economics, trade, investment, politics, security and demographics has been utilized by many of the world’s best-known organizations to take advantages of the opportunities provided by international markets, while reducing their exposure to the risks involved with operating in these markets.


Among the predictions made by Michael that have come true are:


  • The economic slowdowns in Europe and China, which follow similar patterns to those of Japan

  • The spread of populism and the fragmentation of politics in the West

  • The role that low competitiveness has played in the economic struggles of Latin America and other regions

  • The emergence of labor shortages as one of the leading threats to the global economy

Over the course of his career, Michael has worked with a number of major professional services firms and multinational organizations, helping them to develop models of maximizing the benefits (and minimalizing the risks) of doing business in international markets.  In 2003, he founded ISA (International Strategic Analysis), and his firm quickly became the leading provider of country intelligence, economic forecasting and international market studies for a range of clients around the world, including many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies, professional services firms, banks, government bodies, food and drink companies and universities.
Michael is also a contributor to ISA’s best-selling international publications, including ISA’s monthly ISA Country Reports, ISA Risk Forecasts, ISA Economic Forecasts and ISA Region Reports.  He also writes the weekly ISA Global Update newsletter and is often the author of ISA’s Research Briefs that are read by thousands of business and government leaders each week.
Michael is also a highly-sought-after public speaker.  His vast knowledge of international markets and the complexities of modern business, economics and geopolitics is sought-after by conference organizers around the world, while his use of comedy in his presentations helps to keep audiences engaged on what can be quite complex topics.

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